About Us

The Council for Children and Families is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization established in 1995 to teach and support people who provide care to children from 0 to 8 years old. For last two decades we have been educating caregivers, teachers, and family members in developmentally appropriate practice with the main goal to prepare young children for becoming happy and successful adults.

Child Care quality.
We firmly believe that increasing quality of early childhood care will make a significant difference in the lives of children and families, and thus will make a profound and lasting contribution to society. We are dedicated to educate family members in ways they can self-assess early childhood program for quality. For families that want our advice we are promoting selective number of high quality day cares.

Increasing quality by professional development of early childhood teachers.
We work closely with the Council for Professional Recognition to help early childhood teachers get Child Development Associate Credentials (CDA). Our CDA Success Program consists of nine month weekly classes and is designed to enhance the professionalism of every student. Classes are conveniently located at various locations in Puget Sound.
Another unique program; Fast Track CDA helps experienced teachers with final paperwork and preparation to examination.
Since establishment of Department of Early Learning and its Managed Education and Registry Information Tool (MERIT) we work hard to provide highest quality practical training. Our signature correspondence courses are based on the newest research in the area of Early Childhood Education. They are a valuable resource for the childcare professionals in the Seattle area and throughout the country.

About the President and Founder

tatianapictureBorn in Poland, Tatiana Sikora/Strachan earned her first Masters Degree in Earth Science. In 1985 she came to the United States where she discovered her love for teaching young children and committed herself to a career working with children and training the professionals who serve them. 1995 marked the incorporation of The Council for Children and Families (CCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing successful childcare professionals. In 2001 she completed her second Graduate program with a Masters in Early Childhood Education, from The City College in NYC.

As the Executive Director of CCF in New York, Tatiana developed innovative curricula for CDA and State mandated training, with specific emphasis in science, puppetry, social skills, discipline, child development, parent involvement, and successful business development. In addition, she created a training institute, managed a team of community trainers, oversaw a federal early childhood feeding program, as well as personally participating in the writing, directing and performing of puppet shows to assist traumatized children in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

She moved to the Seattle area of Washington in 2002, where she continued her role as Executive Director of CCF bringing her expertise and experience to this Northwest community. Seeing a serious need, she developed the innovative CDA Success Program, designed to help family childcare providers and daycare center employees navigate all of the requirements for successfully earning their CDA Credentials.

Tatiana continues to lead the organization in expanding the number of training opportunities in the Puget Sound Region, particularly in CDA Success and STARS classes. She believes that given the growing awareness of the importance of Early Childhood education, CCF can play an important role in increasing quality of early care to make a difference in the lives of young children.