What are CDA Credentials?
The Child Developmental Associate (CDA) Credential is a National Program initiated in 1971 for the recognition of early childhood professionals. The competency based
assessment and credentialing process is administered by the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington DC. More that 50,000 child care providers have earned the CDA credential. Forty-nine states and the District of Columbia have incorporated this nationally accepted credential into child care licensing regulations.

What is the value of a CDA?
Earning a CDA credential can result in promotion, salary increase, or incentives in some centers, schools, and/or state programs. In Washington State all Early Childhood head teachers will eventually need to complete their CDA or College degree to keep up with
professional requirements. CDA fulfills the minimum educational requirements for
a director of a child care center. “Wac. 170-295-1010”

What are CDA eligibility requirements?
There are specific requirements for CDA Candidates that have to be met in order to qualify him/her for final assessment. Those requirements are in areas of personal qualification, work setting, early childhood experiences, and education. You can find detailed descriptions of those requirements on the website of The Council for Professional Recognition:

How we can help you obtain CDA Credentials?
Council for Children and Families Inc. specialize in helping early childhood teachers to obtain Child Development Credentials. We partner with individual candidate to create and follow customize plan for preparing, applying and demonstrating CDA knowledge. Presently we have two programs for a new applicants and one program for CDA renewal.