CDA Fast Track

CDA Fast TrackCDA FAST TRACK is a personalized CDA preparation program designed for experienced early childhood professionals who had accumulated classes from different sources and now they ready to combine it all in a Child Development Associate Credential. Candidates participating in CDA Fast Track will be able to complete most of required work in privacy of their home. Our teachers make a visit to a candidate’s location to explain whole CDA process and develop detail, time specific plan which will best fit each candidate. We will continue working with such individuals closely to guide them every step of the way from very beginning to a moment of receiving CDA certificate. We require only very minimum computer skills and access to a working E-mail.

Experienced Professional Development specialist will conduct following services for each student:

1. Review all evidence of student’s early childhood education and categorize it into CDA subject areas
2. Provide, if necessary, all missing training hours in correspondence form at 50%
3. Provide detail instructions on preparing Family Questionnaire and Professional Portfolio
4. Provide a completed Professional Portfolio folder which will serve as a visual example of how resource collection and reflective statement of competence should look like.
5. Review and correct Professional Portfolio(Up to two times)
6. Conduct one, two hours inspection in a student’s classroom to prepare environment for verification visit
7. Instruct students how to complete on line application
8. Provide scholarship information,(if available) for CDA application
9. Help prepare to CDA Exam by providing detail instructions and two home practice tests.
10. Provide instructions on scheduling CDA Exam

Each student is responsible to purchase CDA 2.0 Competency Standard Book, pay for CDA application fee and obtain missing training hours.CDA FAST TRACK must be completed within six month

**Our CDA acceptable training rate is 10dollars/hour CDA FAST TRACK students will pay 5 dollars/hour. Students may choose to receive missing training hours from different sources.

Price for CDA Fast Track is 300 dollars