CDA Renewal

CDA RenewalA C.D.A. Credential is valid for three years from the date of award. We can help in renewal process by providing following services:

1. Completing renewal process before C.D.A. Credential expiration date.

2. Provide 45 hours C.D.A. early childhood training for C.D.A. renewal. Training is in a correspondence format. Council will be sent a book of materials. Student will read materials and preform activities described after each chapter. Students will take test after each chapter. Teacher will check each test and discuss student’s progress. Students will be encouraged to contact teacher with questions and concerns. Student will meet with teacher for finale test and consultation.
We have two classes available.

    Starting and maintaining successful Early Childhood Program.

  • Getting organized and set up your child care program
  • All about stuffing your child care facility
  • The professional image and marketing your program
    • Essential practice in Early Childhood Profession.

    • Importance of Child Care Professional
    • Understanding discipline
    • How to take charge
    • How to teach motivate and Communicate effectively

    3. Two hour observation in student’s classroom and interview necessary to completing Letter of Recommendation from an registered Early Childhood Education Reviewer regarding your current skills in working with young children.
    4. Writing a detailed 3-5 page letter of recommendation and submitting it electronically to C.D.A. headquarters.
    5. Writing letter of verification of current work experiences with young children.
    6. Assisting with selecting and joining best Early Childhood Professional Organization.
    7. Assisting with updating First Aid Certificate
    8. Checking and sending complete package.

    Price for CDA Renewal is 225 dollars + separate fee of $125 charged directly by CDA