30 hour Basic Training

At that time Council for Children and Families Inc. do not have any 30 hour classes.

What is Child Care Basics? The Child Care Basics curriculum serves as a broad introduction for professionals who are pursuing a career in the early care and education field. This curriculum is designed to meet the initial basic training requirement for child care center staff and family child care home staff working in licensed or certified programs in Washington State. All individuals who independently supervise children need to meet the initial training requirements for their position. Topics covered include child growth and development, executive functioning, health and safety, family interactions and community building, program planning and professional practice. Our training meets the basic STARS training requirements for:
* Washington State Child Care Centers employee
* Family Home Providers and assistance
* Trainers

Frequently asked questions

1. What delivery method of Child Care Basic curriculum is provided by Council for Children and Families. Inc.
The Council provides in classroom delivery. A minimum of 30 hours (100%) of the training must be delivered in-person.  That method is much preferred by most early childhood teachers. It allows them to interact with other students and an expert teacher. Training groups are kept purposely very small, from four to eight people. Students are strongly encouraged, to ask child care questions based on their own experiences and needs. There is a lot of hands on learning and demonstration of developmentally appropriate practices. The teacher makes sure to involve all adult learning styles. She uses handouts, power-point, props and video clips for visual learners. Lecture, small group reports, discussion and review of charts, forms and procedures for auditory learners. Role playing, games, learning stations, art, music and science activities for kinesthetic learners.

3.What is specialty of Child Care Basic Training provided by Council for Children and Families Inc.?
We specialize in teaching people whose primary language is other than English. Even though our training is in English, we want to encourage people from different countries to enter the early childhood profession and provide culturally relevant care for very young children. Our training curriculum is specially designed with that goal in mind. Small groups, a sensitive teacher with  years of experience make it possible to have culturally relevant child care.

4. Where are classes located.
Most of our classes are in Council for Children and Families Inc. home office located at 13008 177 PL. NE Redmond WA 98052. We also can teach in students’ homes or places of business. We require minimum of four students. Classes are usually scheduled Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 4.30 pm. We are open to customize the times and place for group of students. If you agree to proposed dates and location, we will email you 30 Hour Basic Training Class Registration Agreement. Please print, fill it up and email or text it back to us. We will ask you to pay throw pay pal $10 registration fee which will be counted towards class tuition.
After receiving your 30 Hour Basic Training Class Registration Agreement and $10 registration fee we will e-mail you the correspondence part of 30-hour training. Please study the correspondence part carefully. In order to receive training certificate and have it reported to a state registry MERIT you need to pass a test attached at the end of correspondence material. Students who fail the test will be encouraged to take it over, until they pass.

6. How much Child Care Basic cost?
Class cost is $300 which is payable in check, money order or cash on first day of in-person part of a training.

7. Are training reimbursements available for Child Care Basics
Yes. Professionals may apply for up to $250.00 reimbursement for STARS training taken each year, including the Child Care Basics course. The Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) offers cost reimbursement for training taken from state-approved trainers in Washington. Professionals who currently work in child care facilities licensed or certified by DCYF can access this opportunity through their MERIT professional record. Previously, this was offered through a contract with the Washington Association for the Education of Young Children (WAEYC). If you have questions about the STARS Scholarship Reimbursement, contact DCYF MERIT directly at merit@del.wa.gov.
Council for Children and Families. Inc. is unable to assist you with anything regarding the scholarship reimbursement program.

8. How to contact us to ask more questions?
You can call or text us 425 343-8268 You can e-mail us SikoraTatiana13@Gmail.com