International Work

Since 2016, the Council for Children and Families has expanded to provide educational and related services in foreign countries including Thailand, Nicaragua and Kenya. The experience gained by the Council and its President, Tatiana Strachan, over many years of training teachers and students from foreign countries in the U.S. has been of great value to servicing various people overseas, particularly vulnerable children. The first volunteer experience working in a foreign country was teaching at Children’s Homes for a non-profit organization in Thailand with the goal to protect and educate children that were in danger of sexual trafficking. The use of puppetry in teaching served as a method to communicate with sensitive children. A similar approach was used in Nicaragua in a school with students of diverse backgrounds in classes to high school level.

In 2018, The Council organized and led an educational trip with engineers and scientists into remote areas of Kenya to assess educational programs (Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Information Communication and Technology (ICT)) and provide training in Water, Health and Sanitation (WASH) at four schools. This trip also identified a variety of educational needs for the schools, including equipment and supplies, textbooks, technology devices, and methods for improving health and sanitation. The technical part of the team also conducted initial assessments of potential water projects to provide sufficient and clean water to the schools and surrounding communities.


Nativity puppet show preformed for children in Nicaragua Los Cedros school


Kenya trip June 2018 Teachers receiving school supplies.

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