Early Childhood Support


One to one consultation

Tatiana Strachan is happy to be your consultant for any issues related to care of children 0 to 5 years old. She can not promise to solve all your issues but will use her knowledge and training to give advice or direct you to someone who could help. Initial consultation is always free. It could remain free of charge depending on your problem and circumstances. If there is easy solution, Tatiana will offer it right away. Best way to reach Tatiana Strachan is by an email. StrachanTatiana@Gmail.com.

Organizing Child Care Environment

Rocks and Plants tool

Early childhood environment has a crucial role in success of your day care business. Well-developed and functioning environment will help educate children, increase their social, emotional, and physical skills. Environment that is not suitable to children in your care will provoke guidance problems and teacher burn out. CCF offers help in organizing or changing your environment. We will come to your space and make a space plan using what you have and suggesting how you can get other necessary things for free or low cost.

E-mail us picture of your space and description of what you want to achieve. We will tell you what we think is needed and how much it will cost to hire us.

Usual cost for one site visit, plan and follow up is $245

Parenting Workshop

A parenting workshop is always a hands on exepreince.

You want to keep your parents happy. Schedule a parenting workshop with Tatiana Strachan.

Treat it as a fund raiser or just a special treat during a parent’s appreciation day. Tatiana will customize workshop to answer specific questions and distribute pamphlets and gifts. No limit on the number of participants.

Two-hour workshop $200

Early Childhood Resources.

Learning where to find the early childhood resources you need.

Tatiana Strachan will be happy to share with you any resources that can help you. She can recommend books, people, or organizations that she knows and trust. That service is free and available a phone call away.

Early Chilhood Classes


Early Childhood Support